ATMOKO Electric Heating Pad Ensures You Warmness in Cold Days

ATMOKO Electric Heating Pad Ensures You Warmness in Cold Days

  • LeeStella

Aches and pains in your muscles and joints can make it debilitating to go about your daily routine. Investing in a heating pad is a way to reduce this pain without medication, and you don’t have to head outdoors for relief. Electric heating pads offer swift and effective heat to the areas of concern within minutes, immediately alleviating soreness you’re experiencing. Not to mention, they could keep you warm in the winter months. When selecting a heating pad, it is of great significance to consider what your specific needs are for the product. There are a variety of styles of heating pads in the market–whether it be hands-free, microwavable, or targeted pain–and they work differently depending on your own needs.




Extra-large Heating Pad

Looking for a heating pad that’s big enough to treat your entire back at once? Consider this extra-large option by ATMOKO. Our XXL heating pads are not only wearable, but also cover most areas of the body, such as the back, neck, abdomen and legs. 24"x 40" size is designed according to the contours of the shoulders and back to fit the body perfectly. All you need to do is to wrap this heating pad on any area and it will relieve your pain in super high efficiency. Moreover, it can also be served as heat therapy for maximum comfort. Scientific evidence approves that heat therapy is an effective remedy for back pain because it boosts circulation, which then allows nutrients and oxygen to travel to joints and muscles. This circulation helps repair damaged muscles, relieves inflammation, and improves back stiffness. Any type of heat therapy can help relieve back pain. Yet, heating pads are ideal because they’re convenient and portable. 




Appropriate Heat Settings

For minor aches and pain, a low setting might be more than enough to reduce pain and stiffness. If necessary, you could gradually increase the intensity of the heat. There are no hard rules regarding how long or what specific temperature should be used when applying a heating pad on your back. It all depends on the degree of pain and your ability to withstand heat. Even so, if you use the heating pad at a higher temperature, remove it after 15 to 30 minutes to avoid burns. ATMOKO electric heating pad with 3-level heat adjustment that ranges from 113℉to 149℉ allows you to choose the desired warmth for different needs. To start, set the heating pad on the lowest setting.



Super Soft Material

Made with premium quality micro-fleece material, ATMOKO heating pad is super soft and will bring you a huge difference from other hard heat pads in terms of comfort. It has a delicate and soft feeling, clean and delicate suede, breathable warmth, close-fitting comfort, antistatic, and it is not easy to fall off. Moreover, microfleece is light in weight and has outstanding anti-static properties, which can effectively reduce the pressure on the body, making it lighter and more comfortable to use. Moreover,microfleece is also a great alternative for people who are allergic to wool, or those with sensitive skin.



Protection & Safety

People always feel sleepy when they getting warm,right?That is why the auto-off function of a heating pad is especially important. Safety is always ATMOKO ‘s priority. Continuous use of electric blankets can easily lead to lack of skin, and we cannot replenish moisture in time at night. The human body is prone to dry skin, nosebleeds, and sore throat in an environment that is often dehydrated. ATMOKO heating pad with overheating protection always guarantees you a safe and comfortable sleep without safety concerns. What’s more, 90 minutes auto-off function helps you conserve energy and prevents excessive heating. Just enjoy a warm and comfortable sleep with peace of mind.





Wide Application

You will be obsessed with ATMOKO wearable heating pad, shaped like a medieval vest, which is hands-free and practical. Apart from healing your muscle aches on shoulder and back, you could also put this heating pad over your abdomen and legs to keep warm while watching TV or sitting in the office. It’s ideal for people of all ages and great for all seasons. As you can see, turn on the heating function in winter, it is a great heating pad to keep you warm in high efficiency. Without the power, it also could be used as a quilt in air-conditioned rooms or a soft comfortable blanket next to the fireplace.