ATMOKO water flosser and toothbrush combo for all your needs


Electric toothbrushes are great for cleaning the stains on the surface of the teeth, but there are two places that are unreachable: one is the teeth gap and the other is the gingival sulcus. For those who brush their teeth diligently every day and master the correct brushing skills but still suffer from oral problems, these two places are the culprits that cause dental problems. There is no need to explain the gap between the teeth. However, it is the junction between the teeth and the gums that we often overlook. Although it appears to be bordered by the teeth, there is still a place to hide dirt and stains. It will breed bacteria over time, a great harm to our dental health. In this case, water flosser plays an insignificant role. The pressure water column provided by the flusher (also known as water floss) can effectively enter the deeper part of the gingival sulcus for cleaning, and effectively clean the gap between the teeth and the gingival sulcus. ATMOKO water flosser and toothbrush combo, 600ml oral irrigator & electric toothbrush with 7 multifunctional jet tips. One oral care combined product meets all your needs.




  • DENTIST RECOMMENDED – ATMOKO water flosser with electric toothbrush has been clinically proven to be up to 5x more effective than traditional flossing while also being gentler on gums and teeth. effectively removes up to 99% of plaque that traditional brushing and flossing can't reach. Perfect for braces, implants, and other dental work. Enjoy healthier gums and brighter teeth in just 1 minute a day.
  • 40,000 VPM ULTRA - POWERFUL TOOTHBRUSH - ATMOKO Electric toothbrush for adults equipped with an industry-leading power motor which produced by the world-leading ultrasonic motor supplier, generating 40,000 STROKES per minute. 10X Cleaning Effect than manual toothbrush and 3X than ordinary electric toothbrush. 7 DAYS to Whiten teeth & 14 DAYS for Healthier Teeth.
  • CONVENIENT - HIGH VOLUME RESERVOIR AND FLOW CONTROL- Holds 22 ounces and provides 90 seconds of water capacity. No refilling required. Reservoir is top rack dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Easily control water flow with the convenient on/off handle switch. Flosser tip rotates 360 degrees for easy access to all areas of the mouth.
  • BEYOND BRUSHING & FLOSSING - ATMOKO dental water flosser equipped with World-leading Powered Motor to 1800 times/minute, 30-125 psi pressure, up to 50% more effective than dental floss for improving gum health, includes 10 Adjustable Water Pressure to Suit Different Conditions of Teeth and Gums. It’s recommended to choose soft mode when you use dental flosser at the first time.
  • QUIETER AND SAFER USE: Lower than 75 decibels, ATMOKO water flossers for teeth would not cause much noises while using. Supported by FDA standard, with 100-240V dual voltage, you can use the dental oral irrigator reassuringly. It's a great gift for friends, lovers, family and so on!