Do you know the function of the water flosser ?

How often do you visit the dentist for professional dental cleanings?  People who suffer from dental problems know how uncomfortable a toothache is. If you pay more attention to daily oral care, you may not have to endure the pain of toothache. Teeth are the hardest things in human body, but also the most fragile. If you don't pay attention, small food residues can also cause oral problems. Daily oral care is enough if every tooth can be brushed effectively twice a day. But can you guarantee that every tooth and every side can be brushed thoroughly? This may not even be done by the most authoritative dental experts.


Oral problems should not be underestimated. First of all, we must start with daily care. According to the research of relevant American institutions, The tooth flosser using the principle of pressure water column can flush the gingival sulcus to 50-90% of the depth, which can help the teeth achieve a microscopic and thorough cleaning effect. So how to use the water flosser? Is it difficult to use?



How to use the water flosser?

ATMOKO water flosser can generate 1800 times per minute of ultra-fine high-pressure pulsed water column. The exquisitely designed nozzle can make this high-pressure pulse water column flush to any part of the oral cavity without obstacles. While toothbrushes, dental floss and toothpicks are not easy to reach between teeth and deep gums. The impact produced by the high-pressure pulse water flow of the dental flusher is a kind of flexible stimulus. This kind of water flow does not hurt any part of the mouth or face, but massages the gums and brings comfort. To make the water flosser give full play to the role of tooth protection, you can use it to flush your teeth every time after eating, and develop a more professional "mouthwash" habit. After a meal, remember to floss your teeth for 1 to 3 minutes to completely wash away the food debris between the teeth.




Can the water flosser be used as a substitute for toothbrushes?


A water flosser is an auxiliary tool for cleaning the oral cavity. Its function is similar to toothpicks and floss. It is mainly used to clean food residues between teeth, under the gums, and cavities, while toothbrush can rub the plaque bacteria on the surface of the teeth and keep the breath fresh.  The functions of the two are complementary, and when used together, the effect of oral cleaning will be better.



What kind of water should be put in the water flosser?


Generally speaking, water flosser with clean water is enough, but for certain people who have dental inflammation and other related symptoms, mouthwash or analgesic anti-inflammatory drugs can be added to enhance cleaning effect. What kind of water is in the flushing device, in fact, depends on your own requirements. But for daily ordinary oral cleaning, clean water is recommended.


Which mode should be chosen when using the water flosser?

ATMOKO electric water pick teeth cleaner has Normal, Soft, Pulse modes for different needs. "NORMAL" for powerful removal of food particles, "SOFT" for gentle to clean sensitive teeth, "PULSE" for massaging gum and rinsing. Choose the desired cleaning mode according to your own oral condition. Generally, for users who apply the water flosser for the first time, we recommend starting from the soft mode. When you are used to flushing, please feel free to change the modes and enjoy water flossing.