Get ATMOKO Heating Pad to Enjoy Comfort and Warmth

Get ATMOKO Heating Pad to Enjoy Comfort and Warmth

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Winter is coming soon, so why compromise yourself to endure the cold, hard and small blanket? Try XXL super cozy ATMOKO Heating Pad! With advanced dense heating wire with PTC, ATMOKO fast heat pad can bring heat in minutes, and thus provide instant relief from back pain or muscle soreness. Just indulge yourself in the wonderful heat therapy created by this king-size heating pad to sweep away all fatigue and stress, and get yourself a winter full of warmth and comfort.


Benefits of Hyperthermia

Promote the dissipation of inflammation, promote blood circulation in local tissues, enhance metabolism and phagocytosis of white blood cells, and improve body resistance and repair capabilities

Good for pain relief. Warm stimulation can reduce the excitability of pain nerves, improve blood circulation, reduce inflammatory edema and tissue hypoxia, and accelerate the export of pain-causing substances. Warm heat can relax muscles, tendons and ligaments and other tissues, and relieve pain caused by muscle spasms and stiffness.


Why Choose ATMOKO Heating Pad


Extra-large Size

With its extra-large 40 × 70cm size, this electric heat pad offers excellent coverage for large muscle groups. Just put it over your shoulder or back, wrap it around your stiff neck or place it over your sore legs and let the heat penetrate your muscles within seconds. Oversized heating pad with elastic strap is an excellent choice for easy body warming in the neck, shoulders, lower back, waist, abdomen, knees and legs to relieve muscle aches and tension, perfect for soothing overworked muscle, sports injuries and painful cramps.



4 Heating Levels & 4 Timing Options

The electric heating pad features 4 heat settings, H-M-L-Warm option ( 163/145/127/104°F)and four timing function (1/1.5/2-hour auto-off/ stay-on option) to accommodate your different needs to get more desired heat therapy experience. Timing auto-off design is good for having a nap at noon, no need to worry about overhearing or waste of electricity. On the other side, you could also use the Stay-On feature to keep the heat going if needed.


Super Soft Material

Made with premium quality micro-fleece material, ATMOKO heating pad is super soft and will bring you a huge difference from other hard heat pads in terms of comfort. It has a delicate and soft feeling, clean and delicate suede, breathable warmth, close-fitting comfort, antistatic, and it is not easy to fall off. Moreover, microfleece is light in weight and has outstanding anti-static properties, which can effectively reduce the pressure on the body, making it lighter and more comfortable to use.


Easy to Clean

For user convenience, ATMOKO heating pads can be 100% machine washed. Remember to unplug the heating pad from the power supply before performing any maintenance on the heating pad to ensure process safety. Make sure the device is turned off, and then unplug the control connector from the control board to disconnect the power cord. Choose mild soap and don't use any bleach. After placing the items in the washing machine, select the "soft" or "delicate" cycle option. Make sure not to wash with hot water, as this may damage the material. Of course, you could also choose to wash the heating pad yourself by hand.


Wide Application

Apart from healing your muscle aches on shoulder, you can also put this heating pad over your abdomen and legs to keep warm while watching TV. It’s ideal for people of all ages and great for all seasons. As you can see, turn on the heating function in winter, it is a great heating pad with high efficiency. Without the power, it also could be used as a quilt in air-conditioned rooms or a warm keeping blanket next to the fireplace.




1.Do not use the heating pad when it is folded or squeezed together .

2.Disonnect the power plug if the device is not in use.

3.Never touch the heating pad that has fallen into water. Unplug the device from the power outlet immediately.

4.Do not cover heating pad with other cushions. The controller should not be covered or placed above or below the heating pad while the device is running.

5.Before cleaning the device, make sure the device is powered off and then remove the controller switch and power cord.

  1. Do not iron the heating blanket.