How to Maintain and Store Your Electric Heating Pad?

How to Maintain and Store Your Electric Heating Pad?

  • LeeStella

In order to extend the quality and life of your heating pad, properly maintenance is of great significance. Taking good care of heating products is quite simple and safe, so long as you follow the right steps. Based on extensive customer experience, larger items such as mattresses, quilts, and thick winter blankets should be regularly dusting and fluffing to keep them clean and new.

How to Wash

Our heating pad is 100% machine washable for user’s convenience. Please keep in mind that before doing any kind of maintenance on your heating pad, keep the process safe by unplugging your pad from the power source. Ensure that the appliance is turned OFF, then pull the control connector from the pad to disconnect the cord. Choose a mild soap and do not use any bleach. Once you have placed the items in your washing machine, select the "gentle" or "delicate" cycle option. Ensure that you are not washing it with hot water since it might cause damage to the material. And of course, you could also choose to wash the heating pad on your own, but that could be a waste of some water.

How to Dry
Please air dry your heating pad instead of machine drying. It could not be dry clean, and should not be placed in a tumble dryer. If the dryer is not used properly, it may cause damage to the product. So please hang dry your heating pad and let the sunlight do the job for you. After you remove the warming blanket from the washing machine, carefully place it to its original form. Either drape the product over a clothesline outside, or hang it over a shower rod is feasible. Remember do not use clothes pins, which might leave some unsightly marks on the pad. And for security concern, you should not reconnect your heating pad until it is completely dry.

How to Store

Proper storage is equally as important as cleaning. Your heating pad is likely going to be stored away in your attic, basement or closet for quite some time and to ensure that it's still in tip-top shape when next winter comes, it's important to pack it away accordingly.

After you've followed the cleaning and care tips from above, please also spare some time to pack it up for a complete maintenance. In fact, using vacuum bags is an excellent idea for better storage. First, it's more space-saving, right? You can pack several throws, sheets and blankets into one bag and it will still take up less space than if you were to shelve them on their own. Secondly, the airtight bags will help to keep out odors, dust, insects and mildew. In this way, when you take it out of the cabinet or other storage places, the pad will not be stained with musty or other smells.

Besides, the heating pad should be handled and folded with care so none of the wires are bent into a sharp fold. It’s also a great opportunity to inspect all cords and controls for any sign of damage or wear. After all, store the bags in a protected place in your home, that is not likely to be susceptible to insects, mice or mold. 

Warm Tips
In addition to proper care, cleaning and storage, there are a few other precautions and tips to keep in mind.

  • Don't dry clean heating pad products.
  • Don't use cleaning fluids or bleach when washing.
  • Don't submerge the control in water at any time.
  • Don't use a wringer or an iron on your warming product.
  • Don't ever wash the power cord or any cords of the product.
  • Don't reconnect your heating pad until it is completely dry.