The Benefits of Using Neck and Back Massager

The Benefits of Using Neck and Back Massager

  • LeeStella

The process of massage is a kind of body relaxing enjoyment. Compared with sports activities, massage can not only avoid sweating, panting, and exhaustion, but also help you to obtain health benefits which is similar to those active exercise. Using a neck shoulder massager can help you effectively eliminate muscle tension, making it easier for your body to relax and repair. Not to mention, it feels great as all that stress melts away. ATMOKO shiatsu neck and back massager is an ideal health care method that make your body more soothing and life easier.


ATMOKO shiatsu back massager is programmed to provide repetitive acute vibration. The shiatsu massage mechanism moves up and down to provide a soothing massage therapy. The combinations of vibration and heated massage relieves muscle soreness and tension, knots, spasms, aches and pains, and releases trigger points, improves overall blood and lymph circulation.


The massager combines traditional medical theories of massage therapy with modern electronic and mechanical technology, fully simulating real hand massage techniques, combined with a variety of different hand massage methods to effectively relax each part of the human body. Through different low-frequency point to high-frequency point speed changes, from weak to strong strength changes, the massage methods are diversified and more professional than normal hand massage.


Through a series of well-designed combination massages, it can accelerate the stimulation of cell movement, promote blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, stimulate and activate the body's acupoints, strengthen organ functions, accelerate metabolism. It has obvious relieving and preventing effects on various degrees of body fatigue, back pain and various muscle aches. Long-term use can also strengthen the body.



ATMOKO neck and back massager can massage your cervical spine very well, works efficiently to get you excellent results. Apart from massaging your neck, it can also work on other muscles on the waist, feet and other parts of the body. In fact, ATMOKO massager comes as one of the best customized for your muscles. It uses heat hence reaching the deepest parts of your muscles. You will like the way the heat penetrates through the inner tissues allowing the process to be efficient. 


Massage for 10-30 minutes a day can take away the fatigue from the body and play a great role of natural health care. Massage does not import any tangible substances into the body or interferes with the body's metabolism, but uses your body's inherent self-adjustment and natural balance functions, to restore order to human life activities and achieve health care goals without any side effects.


So long as there is power, it can be used anytime anywhere, no matter you are at work or having a rest, right from the office chair, home or in the car. The massaging strength and methods can also be set according to users’ different needs. Endowed with multiple mode settings, one ATMOKO massager can serve the whole family.