Electric Toothbrush, Sonic Power Whitening Toothbrush

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  • Color Reminder Bristles & 3d Design Dupont Toothbrush Head!! 
  • 5 Effective Modes Atmoko 
  • 40,000 Vpm High Vibration To Remove 99.9% Debris 
  • Update Technology Wireless Charging 
  • Fashion Custom Travel Case

Q:what sonic travel toothbrush is best for sensitive teeth?

A: You need a Super Power toothbrush have a sensitive mode . Some tooth soreness is related to the dirt covered by the tooth surface. These dirt can make the teeth unhealthy and prone to soreness. So after starting to use the electric toothbrush gum care, the toothbrush can clear the dirt on the surface, making the teeth healthier. Then relieve the symptoms of sore teeth. ATMOKO sonic electric toothbrush rechargeable has 5 modes.

1 x True 40,000VPM Sonic Toothbrush
6 x DuPont Brush Head Replacements
1 x Travel Case
1 x USB Charging Base
1 x User Manual

40000VPM Motor
The toothrbush are cut to fit the teeth and it is easy to remove the stains on the edges of the teeth 50% than normal design.

Rechargeable long-lasting life
Electric toothbrush travel last 4 weeks for one full charge , it perfect for a small trips.Sonic Electric toothbrush ipx7 it also can use in shower.

2 Min timer
Electric toothbrushes for adults interval pause every 30 seconds reminding changing brushing area. 2 minutes auto shut off as the brush time recommend by dentist.2 minute timers also suitable for adult,sonic electric toothbrush brush.