Electric Toothbrushes for Adults 3 Sonic Electric Toothbrushes Clean Teeth


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  • SKU: AMHP130AC
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  • 40,000 Vpm Powerful Dentist Like Cleaning 
  • One 4-Hour Charge Last 30 Days 
  • 2-Minute Smart Timer 
  • 3 High-Performance Brushing Modes

Safeguard Your Confident Smile Everyday

Electric sonic toothbrushes adopts unique sonic technology with industry-leading and ultra-powerful motor, which delivers TRUE 40,000 strokes per minute for adult to 10x effectively remove stains and debris than manual toothbrush.

HP130A package comes with 12 brush heads for nearly 3 years to use. W-Shaped electric toothbrush bristle in cooperation with 3 cleaning modes, the electric sonic toothbrushes brings your teeth-brushing feelling into next level.

3 * ATMOKO Electric Toothbrush Adults
12 * DuPont Brush Heads
3 * USB Charging Cable
1 * User Manual

W-Type Brush Head
W-type electric toothbrush head gently and effectively removes surface stains. The densely arranged central descaling bristles will give your teeth a 2x brightening effect in just two weeks.

Be Travel Ready
USB Fast Charging — Safe, Fast, Lasting. A full 4-hour fast charging can provide up to 30 days use (2 min/2x a day). ATMOKO sonic toothbrushes can be charged via PC port, phone adapter, or even a power bank.

12 Dupont Replaceable Brush
ATMOKO HP130A Sonic electric toothbrush comes with 12 brush heads designed by DuPont company; a world leader in quality and material science field. Each brush head lasts up to 3 months, . Absolutely the ideal choise for all of you!