(US ONLY) 094AS Cordless Hair Clippers with 10 Color Combs


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  • Complete Hair Clippers for Men Cordless Kit - 10 guards and 4 length lever for all hairstyle lengths (1/64''-1''), a scissor, a cape(under the withe box), a storage bag, and a comb.
  • 2X Faster Carbon Blade-The 440C carbon steel is the most popular blade in barbers - be 2X faster and more accurately than the ceramic blade to clipper the roughest, irregular hair.
  • Super 5H Cordless Using - The long-lasting cordless hair clipper is very suitable for the barber and the whole family.
  • 6000RPM Motor with Quiet Technology -It's not only suitable for men, but also suitable for children and pets.
  • Quick Charge - Only with 15min charge, you can get 1 perfect cordless cutting.